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September 22, 2003

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Last Update:  January 15th, 2004

Motion To Vacate Contempt Order Of Judge Robert O'Farrell Set For January 30, 2004

To understand the gravity of evidence contained in this motion that will reveal how the "Good Old Boys" work at fixing trials, obstructing justice, racketeering,  and covering the crimes of fellow attorney "Good Old Boys", go to  www. AttorneyBusters.com for more details and to view the documents which will be posted after filing. 

The motion stems from:  Judge O'Farrell Being Nothing More Than a Good Old Boy Minion....

Monterey Herald, December 19th, 2003 - "Recall Candidate Forte Jailed For Contempt" 

On December 20th, 2003, the Monterey Herald printed an article entitled  "Recall Candidate Jailed For Contempt" written by an unnamed reporter, claiming that unnamed witnesses present at a hearing said Judge Robert O'Farrell jailed Gene Forte for contempt after a "heated exchange of words" between them took place in the courtroom. 

Why Not Fair & Balanced Reporting?......

Peremptory Challenge CCP 170.6:

"You're Out Of Here Your Honor"

The Peremptory Challenge can be used only once in a litigation and is known as a "silver bullet".  It automatically disqualifies the a Judge and can not be refused.  It is every American's right to utilize............

Judge O'Farrell Nothing More Than a Good Old Boy Minion.... 


Judge O'Farrell then could say that Forte had waived his right to disqualify him, and then Judge O'Farrell could "fix the motion" and let the witness whose perjury was suborned escape.........

The Monterey Herald and Other Local Media.......

Forte has continued for the past years in keeping the Monterey Herald informed of the absolute specious, at very best, rulings  by the local judges...........

However, the Monterey Herald has never until this article on December 20th, 2003, printed one word about the local battle, or the accusations of Forte because ..................

Forte has informed the other local media including the Carmel Pine Cone's, Mr. Paul Miller, ............who is close personal friends with ex-Judge Richard Silver,  The Californian's Mr. Larry Parsons and Mr. David Markowitz of KSBW.

All are silent for the same reason.........

MONTEREY HERALD: ................

The Monterey Herald  says they obtained that information at Forte's website that you are now looking at.  They however, do not mention that Forte's goal is to promote ethics among attorneys and protect the good one from the bad ones...............

Next Update:  Judge, Jury & Executioner

As if what Judge O'Farrell had already done was not bad enough, his follow up to it that same day ..............

It would be as bad as Russia in its darkest days if they did.

Upcoming Update:  No Plausible Deniability

Read the letters and responses (if we get any), and listen to the recorded phone message left for the following enforcement agencies, and individuals demanding a Federal Investigation of the Monterey Judicial Community, and requesting protection of Forte who was maliciously jailed because he has the "Good Old Boys cornered and is not backing down:

Leon Panetta, The Panetta Institute

Mr. Michael Stamp, Constitutional Attorney and Witness To Judge O'Farrell Mayhem

Mr. Dean Flippo, Monterey District Attorney

Monterey County Grand Jury

Judge Terrance Duncan, Monterey County Presiding Judge

Commission on Judicial Performance

Monterey FBI

United States Attorney General

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Motion To Vacate Order Of Judge Robert O'Farrell

Motion papers have been filed to vacate the order of Judge Robert O'Farrell that contain information that will lead ultimately to the arrest of several judicial officers in Monterey.

The obstacle to prevent Judge O'Farrell and other members of what is known as "The Good Old Boys" in that it is clear that Monterey County District Attorney, Mr. Dean Flippo, is up to his eyeballs in a cover up.

It is nothing new or unusual,  as Forte demonstrates with newspaper articles from the LA Daily Journal as to how three judges in San Diego were ultimately sent to Federal Prison after the local DA's, Committee on Judicial Performance, and the list of the other "Usual Suspects" decline to take action against other "Good Old Boy" members in good standing.

Monterey Herald Editor Subpoenaed For Deposition

For quite some time, Forte has been saying that the Monterey Herald and other local media have been cow-towing to the local "Good Old Boys" by not reporting on evidence in courtroom documents revealing the existence of judicial corruption. 

The silence on the matter was broken on December 20th, 2003,  entitled "Recall Candidate Jailed For Contempt" but in a way that only a "Good Old Boy" would appreciate (and ghost write) as painting Forte as a loon. 

We know how the New York Times Reporter fell below journalistic standards about some stories to pad his expenses, etc., but what happens when journalistic standards are not met in order to help cover up the crimes of local judges and attorneys in what would be termed organized crime?

It should be called accomplice to the crime.

What story is more important to the public?

Remember Watergate, Whitewater Gate, Monica Gate.......well you can now add another  Monterey Judicial Gate with special appearances now of Mr. Leon Panetta, former Whitehouse Chief of Staff and Monterey County Bar member.

Constitutional Attorney, Founder of Monterey School of Law, Mr. Michael Stamp


  Former Carmel Mayor, Mr. Clint Eastwood's Attorney Mr. Anthony Lombardo of Lombardo & Gilles Law firm Called as Witnesses

Make no mistake about it.  The Motion to Vacate is going to bring to light the illegal activities of several judges and attorneys that have been hiding behind their judicial robes.  The District attorneys office will be exposed as using their (conflictive) control over the Grand Jury dictated by the Presiding Judge (Judge Terrance Duncan) to avoid "facing the music" of accountability. 

Witnesses present when Judge Robert O'Farrell literally "freaked out" will now be able to explain in what will be hoped to be an objective, non-biased, and impartial way what took place.

Forte is wiling to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but is prepared to watch "dancing on the head of a pin" by witnesses to avoid saying honestly what anyone can derive from the reading of the transcript.  

The Panetta Institute Marches On

Almost like characters in the children's book,  The Emperors New Clothes, Mr. Panetta continues on his march turning a blind eye to information that is being presented to him via courtesy copies.

The Motion to Vacate papers that will continue to be filed and build to a crescendo over the next few weeks will have copies sent to major media, judicial, public, and private individuals challenging them to ignore the evidence of the "Good Old Boys" corrupt dealings. 

Forte feels confident that people will begin to start and tell the judicial emperors they are naked, and if they don't because they fear reprisal, Forte will continue to mock the lunacy.

Go To AttorneyBusters.com for updates as the former candidate for governor, Gene Forte, returns to his role as a premier investigative reporter and uses his "little gray cells", as Hercule Poirot would say, to expose the corrupt judicial industry and the reasons for it.

November 20, 2003

It is My Record of Fighting Judicial Corruption and Exposing it................Gene Forte

I welcome all those that wish to follow a great adventure and journey with me.  It is a quest, it is a battle of good versus evil. Travel through the stages with me, see how I have a bunch of "Good Old Boy" (as an ex-attorney of mine once told me, click here to listen) judicial rats on a skewer.

Starting At The End To Get To The Beginning

November 20th, 2003

The Good Old Boys Under Siege

Monterey Deputy District Attorney Informed:

 Local Attorneys Depositions in Current Case Will Reveal Criminal Conduct by Judges and A Judicial Good Old Boys Club

The Good Old Boys of Monterey County are currently under a state of siege as a trial is prepared that promises to expose the need for Federal Investigations and arrests. 

Listen to the message left for Mr. Terry Spitz Deputy DA asking for his involvement.  

November 15, 2003


(Monterey Herald November 15th, 2003)

Get ready Monterey, you might be in store for a bunch of  journalistic "look the other way" blah blah about two bit attorneys getting busted for cheap scams as the Monterey Herald and other local papers try to direct the heat away from the local Good Old Boy judicial rats that are being exposed by me.

The lawyer being exposed is a small fry dirt bag that probably didn't give the appropriate cut to one of the bigger fish up the stream, and the local Good Old Boys needed some sacrificial lambs to prepare the public to disbelieve what I am about ready to show them about the mister big in town.

A few weeks ago in the newspapers we saw ex-Judge Richard Silver smiling standing with Dirty Harry himself.  The same judge that was said to have committed a felony against me, was manipulating trial dates and sabotaging motions,  and whom I had to be sacrificed to when I was a plaintiff in a real estate transaction.

Listen to the message left for Mr. Daniel Laidman from myself telling him of the story that you would think would end up on Law & Order.

For you newbies out there wondering why you haven't heard about it, you will catch on to the games media plays with the local Good Old Boys to keep you in the dark and lead you to the slaughtering field of the judicial industry that needs your money to survive.

Where Is That Beacon Of Virtue

Mr. Leon Panetta:

Giving Honorary Luncheon To Felonious Judges?

It is no secret about what I have been saying  about making Monterey the poster child for judicial corruption in our nation and that I was asked to move on by Mr. Leon Panetta in a phone conversation that he did not want recorded. 

Mr. Panetta also writes a column for the paper on a regular basis and is a local attorney that gave an honorary retirement luncheon to Judge Richard Silver that was said to have been committing a felony against me to protect local attorneys from being exposed as "victimizing me" (in Judge Silver words)

"Monterey Herald = Toilet Paper"

I think the Monterey Herald is a low grade of toilet paper  that continues to ignore, along with the other local media, all of my allegations of local judicial corruption because that is what they do.

You should also take into consideration that all of the other media locally uses the same excuse and defense by saying, "Well the Herald isn't writing about it", and the Herald says, "Well, no stations or newspapers are writing about it."

Further,  you should realize that the Monterey Herald is Mr. Royal Caulkins, and you should look to a number of letters between he and I and our history dating back to 1985.  (Click on "Forte and the Media" above right.)

October 17, 2003

Message from Eileen Forte (aka Mrs. AttorneyBuster)

After going through this fight to expose corruption with my husband Gene, and understanding what kind of courage, heart, and pain it has taken to do the things Gene has done, I have to say the following.

To all of you who have not stood up when you have been wronged, shame on you.  Continue to live your life like a mouse, you are one.....  (click here for more)

October 16, 2003

Nothing But Lies From Arnold?

"I Want To Listen To Everyone"......Arnold Schwarzenegger (Acceptance Speech, or "his act")

To tell the truth, I originally had no ill will or bad opinion of Arnold in the slightest.  But his handling of the following incident by ignoring it and allowing it, lets me know what kind of character and man he truly must be.

Here is an example of the attitude apparently prevalent in Arnold's "camp".  Because they work for the great Arnold, Arnold's body guards can resort to "thug" tactics and are either allowed or told to do so by Arnold.  Arnold himself, hid inside his bus even though I requested his appearance from outside his bus for 15 minutes after this incident occurred.

Imagine yourself driving along with your 10 year old son, when all of a sudden a big guy runs in front of your car in the middle of the street as you are starting to turn into a public parking lot (which was not marked or roped off).  

What would you think if the guy slaps your car and tells you that you tried to assault him with a deadly weapon because you refuse to be intimidated?  How would you feel if he has two other big guys surrounding you?  Do you think this guy is just an "ass", or a bully?  Or an extension of the real attitude pervasive of the big boss Arnold?  What arrogance they have to believe that they can use the law to intimidate a citizen because they are on the "winning" side, a side backed by influence and money.

If my daughter hadn't been videotaping me as I was tape recording the conversation, which they apparently noticed if you look closely on the video, would they have all jumped me, beaten me, sent me to the hospital?  I believe so.  What would have happened if the 4th guy hadn't come out to tell the others that they were being videotaped?  Were they positioning me?  Surrounding me to set me up until they realized they were on tape?  

They knew what they had done, so what do they do?   They make the victim become the accused. Same old trick.  Subsequently, they try to further intimidate me by filing a police report for assault with a deadly weapon - a felony.  Of course, I'm not arrested and nothing happens.  Why?  Because everyone, including the police, knows it was bogus.

They scare citizens by putting their hands on you, striking and pushing you (even though they try to do it in an inconspicuous way).  

Hear for yourself what his body guards say:  The media does not want to talk to you, you are nobody.  

October 15, 2003

On September 29, 2003, KFI Radio Admitted to Cavalierly Censoring Information.  Apparently KFI and producer Jason Campadonia are angry for my exposing their practices and childishly wished to "rub salt into my wounds".  See the unsolicited email from Mr. Campadonia and my response.

October 11, 2003 

An Interview Published October 7, 2003 by William Kaliher for Etherzone:


Q:  Mr. Forte,  people will want to know you better as you run for governor. Tell the readers a bit about yourself.  Not about your career.

A:  Besides being a sound, rational, and very politically correct person, a professional psychiatrist once asked me if I knew that I may have delusions of grandeur.  My high school education served me quickly in evoking the "no stupid question rule" and I asked, "what the hell was that and could I die from it?


October 10, 2003

Forte Loses by a Landslide?

Does this mean that there is no judicial corruption and the media has done fair and balanced reporting?  Of course not!

That is what the Good Old Boys that I have by their tails would like you to think.

It really shows how affective the corrupt judicial industry is with the help of the media propaganda machine in calming down the sheeple as they are led to the slaughtering pen.......Gene Forte

One fellow patriot once said, "I have only just begun to fight"....I ditto that....Gene Forte

 Listen to the conversations with PR Distribution Firms as to why they would not distribute the Press Release (coming soon)

October 8th, 2003

Battery Charges Filed Against Schwarzenegger Body Guard by Attorney Buster Gene Forte Gubernatorial Candidate

Press Release Regarding Police Report Filed Against Schwarzenegger Body Guards Refused by two PR distribution firms so far

See Press Release Here

Listen To The Difficulty In Filing a Police Report Against Schwarzenegger Body Guards that quickly and easily filed a felonious assault with a deadly weapons charge to make their victim out to be the accused.

 Interactive Press Release (Available Soon)

October 3, 2003

The Illusion

After being battered, humiliated, and harassed by Schwarzenegger's body guards, Forte struck back.

Retaining a professional look alike Forte continued on the "Join Arnold Caravan" with his Arnold in the Pocket (just like the corrupt politicians who controlled both the media and your mind).

At the rallies, Mr. Niek Lauwers, the Arnold lookalike, signed for anxious brainwashed voters "Vote Gene Forte For Governor Flyers".

Illusion of Justice

It is a true collector's item and a clear example how desperate California voters grasped at any straw of hope to escape the hell created for them by the corrupt judicial industry that protects corrupt politicians and as caused all of our problems in our great country.

Gene Forte Goes On Campaign Road Trip and Picks Up A Professional Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike....

 You would think the press would be interested?  They weren't.

ct_motorcycle_gang.jpg (86465 bytes)

ct_gene_and_niek.jpg (56439 bytes)

governormobile.jpg (55381 bytes)

AttorneyBuster Security

The Illusion


ct_Niek_Gene_Gang_Side_Shot.jpg (92513 bytes)

ct_Santa_Clarita_Nick_and_Gene.jpg (66023 bytes)

ct_nick_cleans_car.jpg (77399 bytes)

October 2, 2003

Arnold's True Colors Revealed?

A False Assault With Deadly A Weapon Charge Was Filed Against Forte By Schwarzenegger Body Guards To Cover Up Their Impersonation of a Police Officer, Intimidation, and Battery of Forte

AKA:  When the Victim Becomes the Accused

(And I've Got The Video To Prove It)

Indict The Corrupt Judicial/Political Industry

A vote for me is an indictment of the corrupt judicial/political industry that is ruining our country whose members at any other point in history would be tried as traitors and sentenced to death....Gene Forte

September 18, 2003

California Channel's 

John Hancock Interviews Gene Forte

See Gene Forte LIVE (to be posted soon). (High speed internet access streams the best).  A live unedited interview with Gene Forte shows that he is undoubtedly the right choice for Governor of California. 


The Propaganda Machine For The Corrupt Judicial Industry and Politicians

Fellow Californians, I can now tell you that the media has done you all a great injustice, and are nothing more than shills for the corrupt politicians and judicial industry that they kiss the ring of, and share the loot with.

You may look in detail in the boxes at the right and hear for yourself a producer of a KFI radio program called "The John & Ken Show" says they made the conscious decision not to let you know who I was because it would take votes away from the candidate they secretly endorsed.  (See below)

In other words, the media took your choice away and America is suppose to be freedom of choice.

Even though I may not be able to win this election due to the manipulation of the media, you can tell others the truth that is being revealed to you and still cast a vote in my favor as an indictment of the corrupt judicial industry that is ruining our country. 

Hot Topics:

KFI Radio Cavalierly Censors Information

Arrest the Judges and....The Boston Tea Party Revisited

Capsule Comments 

It Is My Record You Can Listen To and Hiram Is At Our Side

Fellow Patriots Join Me With a Boston Tea Party (Revisited and California Style)

Only Thing Lower Than A Smut Peddler Would Be An AttorneyBuster

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Being Pushed Beyond The Breaking Point

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"The Legal System is Now Our Enemy"...Dennis Prager and so is the Media

Juke Box A15:  Accuse the Victim

Insurance Premium Fraud By Insurance Companies

 The Insurance Commission Fraud Investigation Units Are A Fraud

Another Nail in The Coffin of The Good Old Boys, And "He Has Vendetta" Defense

The Sheriffs of Nottingham:  The DA's

In Rides Panetta and the Other Good Old Boys

False Police Reports Filed By Insurance Commission Investigator to Harass Forte


Spinning Not Reporting:

Of Mice Media, the Judicial Industry, 

& The Recall

Politicians along with their buddy mice pocket media are attempting to fool you into thinking that the Recall is just a joke.  It is deliberately being made out to be by them.  They are not reporting, they are "spinning".

Do not let them fool you.  They are scared witless that the power of an unaccountable judicial industry to rule over the people is being challenged.  I can deliver that message for people who are too afraid to stand up.

More Capsule Comments:

Plausible Denial No Longer An Excuse For Panetta, Secret Service, or FBI

USA Patriot Act Abuse Ignored

Biased Local Media:  Hacks or Violators of Public Trust?

Monterey Herald Fears Being Exposed?

Photo Gallery of Start Of Boston Tea Party (revisited)

"Paper Terrorist" Investigative Reports: 

Monterey & Town of Fredonia Media:  "Keep the Citizens In the Dark"

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Forte and The Media

Gene Goes On The Road

Orange Fairgrounds.jpg (71885 bytes)

On October 3rd, 2003, Gene hires his own "Arnold in his pocket", Niek Lauwers, a professional actor/ look-alike of Arnold. 

His Business Card:

ct_Niek_Card.jpg (45514 bytes)

ct_Niek_on_Bike.jpg (78867 bytes)

ct_Niek_boys.jpg (48315 bytes)

The Boston Tea Party Revisited: Photos of the First

Rally at the conference of ex-Pres. Clinton and former Chief of Staff Leon Panetta

rally_in_Monterey8.jpg (101124 bytes)

rally_in_Monterey9.jpg (123654 bytes)

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Forte Attends Broadcast Legends Luncheon Featuring Creature Features 

wpe1D.jpg (30473 bytes)

wpe18.jpg (27994 bytes)

Creature Feature Broadcast Legends John Stanley (left) and Bob Wilkins (middle)


wpe1B.jpg (26089 bytes)

On the board of Broadcast Legends, Daryl Compton (middle), videographer and editor, and  Sam Gold (right), computer support for Forte For Governor.