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September 22, 2003

Last Day To Register

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Attorney Busters' President 

 Gene Forte To Run For

Governor Of California

(See www.AttorneyBusters.com )

One of the main decisions I  had to deal with in running for Governor was continuing to submit myself and family to dealing with what I consider a cesspool of judicial and political corruption by both parties, Republican and Democrat alike...the epitome of the Good Old Boys........

........ but, somebody has got to do it, and it's what I have been doing by publicly exposing and challenging these judicial hoodlums for the last 18 months.

No Party Lines

I  last registered as a Republican in 1999, that was just shortly before I encountered the Good Old Boys of the local Monterey judicial system. I assure you there are no party lines and I will be the most feared by the politicians in the race because I belong to no Good Old Boys Club and will not.

Judicial corruption knows no party line.... the immediate actions I would take from day one in office will benefit every Californian by releasing the unaccountable stranglehold public officials have which have increased the costs of everything in our lives with hidden legal costs buried in everything Californians consume to feed a judicial industry ....

It must be stopped now, and with the support of your vote, it will be stopped.

Californians that may have lost confidence must come back to the polls on October 7th, 2003 and make this turn out larger than any presidential election.

The will of the people of not only California but that of the right of people of the United States to express their opinions and take an active role in bringing forth their grievances is nothing short of the American Revolution.

A nation and a world is watching to see how those that are our public officials, who have intentionally removed the "circuit breakers" of our legal system to protect citizens from a judicial industry and a dominant society of  separate classes, i.e., attorneys.... try to diffuse the reality of their demise, with a more than willing media, to attempt to poke fun at what they would like all Americans to believe was  absurdity.  

It will continue to be the defense of those accused..... and "they" will attempt to belittle the significance and importance of this election because they can not deny.... what every American fights to defend is the "right" of either a Mr. Flynt, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Simon,  or any other American to be heard.

I was once told that the biggest trick the Devil pulled on the people of earth was to getting them to believe he did not exist.  Once that was done, getting his next victim was easy.  It is the same with a corrupt judicial system that will not hold either themselves or other public officials accountable and says it does not exist or it is just somewhere else.

Look at the newspapers and circle every item that is now starting to surface about judicial corruption.  This is what I believe is a direct effect of what I have been doing for the past 18 months publicly by investigative reports I broadcast to make the public aware that it was rampant across the nation.  California is more advanced simply because we have over 180,000 licensed attorneys, with systemic problems created by the self regulatory Bar which must fuel the unregulated multi-billion dollar judicial industry.

It is this faulty and disastrous mechanism described which has been used as the "model" for all other State Bars across the nation.  I know how the problem can be corrected, and I would do so.

Not All Attorneys Are Bad or Evil.....Many do great good, but we need to help them stand up to take back the courts from the "Good Old Boys" 

I do not think that "all" attorneys are bad or evil, there are many that support me along with judges that are sitting on the benches, but they say they can not do it openly because their own careers would be ended. 

The privacy of the voting booth will hopefully cause the ethical attorneys and public officials that know all too well of the existence of the problems created by what I refer to as the "Good Old Boys" to cast a vote for me, and usher back a California governed by the people and for the people. 

I will fix the root cause of our problem, the non accountability of the judicial industry that leads to political corruption affecting everything from education to the high cost of Workers' Compensation Insurance which is gutting California of jobs created by business.

Injured workers have been "starved out" for years by attorneys that are at the beck and call of insurance companies.  Those same injured workers have been wrongly accused as being the reason for the high cost of insurance.  It is an illusion created by a judicial industry that knows the best defense they have is to make the victim out to be the accused.

Come back to the polls and let me put the government back to reporting to the people.  It will take me less than 12 months.  

No kidding!

..........Gene Forte

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