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September 22, 2003

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KFI Radio Cavalierly Censors Information

The "Ken & John" Show Is A Farce

A producer for "The John & Ken Show" told me he does not want you to know about me because it would take votes away from the "big boys" he endorses...........Gene Forte

On September 29, 2003 at 1:00pm I called the producer, Jason Campadonia, who told me the reason why they were not telling you about me was because John & Ken did not want me taking votes away from the main candidates...... that "they only play with the 'big boys'". (Jason's own words not mine)

In other words, Americans, they knew that my platform would cause the citizens of California to vote for me, and in fact he confirmed it by saying they didn't want me to take votes away.

Can't Take Votes Away, They Can Only Be Given! 

I submit that I can only take votes away if people make the choice of their own free will to vote for me.  However, this is not what John & Ken wanted.

"John & Ken" wanted to submit you to their bidding  because they said they only "play with the big boys" that they kiss the ring of, and more than likely, their station gets money from in the form of paid advertising.

Sorry "John & Ken", But I Won't Kiss Your Ring, or Pay You Money, Go Pander One Of Your Big Boys

 The only problem "John & Ken" had of course was that I would not "play with them" as the other major contenders they chose.  

Listen to the Producer Yourself Who Said He Was Going To Sue Me If I Play For You What He Said

I first called Mr. Campadonia and received his phone message which told me that anything I told him would be broadcast.  I left a message but called back a few minutes later with additional information.  This time, he answered the call.  Click here to listen to the conversation and hear how the producer threatens to sue me for putting this on the internet.

Go right ahead Jason, so we can argue to the world the proof I have in your own words that John & Ken are intentionally keeping your listeners in the dark about the elections and individuals such as myself they would vote for (according to you) instead of your own "Good Old Boys".

Sending Recording to FPPC and Media 

I will be sending a copy of this recording to the FPPC and  other radio talk show hosts and television news programs to see if they tell you what is going on with the censorship by "KYI Radio".

However, I will tell you that I have also sent them, and media,  copies of my interview with the California Channel that absolutely would put to shame all of the individuals you watched squabble in what was laughingly labeled with a new oxymoron "the scripted debate".

Big Mouth Media Cons Fooling You Into Thinking They Are Not Part of Propaganda  Machine

Question:  Why Are The Big Mouth Media Mavens Mute About the AttorneyBuster?

Answer:  Because they answer to the attorneys at the networks they work for, they have their own agenda, and they don't want you to know about me.

They are nothing more than "Talking Heads" and media shills that control your mind and freedom and they are afraid of losing their ratings by having you listen to the "real thing" they try to emulate.

Big Mouth Bill O'Reilly:  O'Reilly's producers have known about me and my program AttorneyBusters.com for over a 1 1/2 years, have used me as an informational source on the Westerfield Case in San Diego, and the problems they had with the State Bar not prosecuting the attorneys.

You would think any journalistic reporter worth his salt would certainly jump on the idea of speaking with me, the only candidate whose entire platform is based upon correcting the corrupt judicial system that spawns corrupt politicians.

Mr. Michael (Stench From The Bench) Savage:  You would expect Mr. Savage known for his "feigned" disgust with the judicial system, and who had been contacted several times by me through his producers TRN, would interview me to get the word out to others in California that have suffered at the hands of an unaccountable judicial system and let the voters decide upon my candidacy.

Mr. Savage should check the stench from his pants after the attorneys he reports to more than likely told him "do not mention the AttorneyBuster or you'll be broadcasting from Timbuktu".

Dennis "The legal system is now our enemy" Prager:  Mr. Prager plagiarizes me in an article he authored three days after I said on my program that I feared judicial terrorism more than Islamic terrorism.  Mr. Prager who also broadcasts on KRLA, the same radio station as I did, has not returned phone calls and does not want to let you know that he is nothing but hot air.

John & Ken:  The new kids on the  block that started focusing on judicial skullduggery months after my radio program AttorneyBusters.com began on KRLA.  They are no better than the politicians that steal ideas from others, and adopt them as their own. They of course answer to attorneys at the station and that is why they didn't want to talk to me, the real Attorney Buster.  It wouldn't make them seem so "original".