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September 22, 2003

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October 17, 2003

Message from Eileen Forte (aka Mrs. AttorneyBuster)

After going through this fight to expose corruption with my husband Gene, and understanding what kind of courage, heart, and pain it has taken to do the things Gene has done, I have to say the following.

To all of you who have not stood up when you have been wronged, shame on you.  Continue to live your life like a mouse, you are one.

To those of you who say you know the problem exists, yet do nothing, shame on you.  You deserve the disintegration of your integrity and dignity.

To those of you who said, "I don't want to waste my vote" (by voting for what you believe in), but instead voted so that you could be on the "winning" side, I pity you.  You think you can bolster your ego, your pretense of self-worth, when you don't hold true to what you believe in.

To those of you that have scoffed at Gene or attempted to hurt or belittle what he says, you are the cynical, touched by that evil which will ultimately cause that seed of self-discontent to grow in yourself.  I, for one, do not want and will not have you around me.

To those of you who are corrupt or support those who are corrupt, yes, I believe you know who you are, shame on you.  You can hide it from the masses, but you can't hide it from your own heart.  I believe it will show in your face, in your life, such as the Portrait of Dorian Gray.  It is the shame you have to face on your deathbed.

Is this what our country has become?  Where the individual citizen and their rights are less important than those who have fame, money, or power?  Those of you who believe this or accept this deserve the encounter some day that is surely on its way to you.  

Go ahead, swallow your pride, give into the bully.  After all, you are the one that has to live with your cowardice, and have to live with the knowledge that you knuckled under and did not stand up for what this country is supposed to stand for.  It is your disgrace.

To those of you that have given support, you are what all Americans should be proud of.  You have spirit, belief in goodness, and have given us hope that all is not lost.  Thank you.

I am proud of my husband, his character, his belief in what this country is supposed to be, and his fight to make it so.  I am proud that he chose me to be his wife, his partner.  It is a compliment to me.  He is what a man is supposed to be......

                                                                      Eileen Forte