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September 22, 2003

Last Day To Register

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Fellow Americans, Potential Supporters....

"I do not come to you as a republican or democrat but first as an American, and I do not care what color, religion, or party you are.  

Please take the time to read the following information. Most importantly, look at the interview on this site and then ask yourself .......

why has the general media, that has also read the same material, not mentioned a word about me to you?

If your answer to that is it is because I am delivering a message that is true but one that "they", the politicians and judicial industry, don't want you to know about, then you are required as an American to cast your vote for me...

and not use the excuse that 'everybody knows it but there is nothing we can do about it'.....because we can and I will deliver that message loud and clear for us all to take our government back ".........Gene Forte

Forte knows why the local Monterey newspapers are not saying a word about Forte's election and is continuing the same old "Good Old Boy's Protectionism"  of attorneys, law firms, and politicians that are devouring our fiscal budget and freedom.

Look at a few of the letters, that were written to the Monterey and Milwaukee, WI newspapers telling them in advance that one day the entire nation would see how they, the local media, become complicit in covering up the crimes of local judicial members and public officials by turning their heads.

Listen to the radio program broadcast (MP3 or Real Audio - June 29 2003) about Steven Magritz and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  and the complicit involvement of the Ozaukee Press in a display of unprofessional journalism.  

Gene Forte set out to show the continuity of problems across the country because local authorities and local officials always make the victims out to be the accused and validate or whitewash each others' direct crimes, or stupid mistakes.

The Monterey Herald,  Carmel Pine Cone, The Californian with the television stations of KSBW continue to work under the platform of "don't say a word" but only show the pattern of other media across the nation.

The more they do wrong the more it becomes evident and more importantly EVIDENCE. 

Updated: September 14, 2003