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September 22, 2003

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Choose A Flyer

Print off any combination of the following to give to your friends, co-workers, or anyone that may be interested in Gene Forte's position as Candidate for Governor.  Help spread the word!

The following flyers are the same except for one paragraph with these differences:  (If you need Adobe Acrobat to view these, click here for free download.)

1.  The "Good Old Boys" Flyer states:

"Attorneys and judges have become a ruling class unto themselves that loot every aspect of our economy.  When you have a problem with an attorney, they will either not sue the other attorney, or play you for a sucker and drain you of your money until they drop you off on the courthouse steps with the judge’s blessing and appreciation for protecting one of their own rats."  Select  in color or black and white.

2.  The Workers' Comp Flyer states:

"Insurance companies gave money to the Fraud Assessment Commission who in turn gave the LA County DA’s Office $4.3 Million to fight Workers’ Compensation fraud.  Do you think the DA’s Office is going to go after insurance companies (or their attorneys) when they commit fraud?  They do not!  The high cost of workers’ comp comes not from treating the injured or from “false” claims, but from the carrier trying to get out of the claim by overuse of their doctors and their insurance carrier attorneys that are paid by the hour to down play the injury."  Select in color or black and white.

3.  The Criminal System Flyer states:

"Due to my personal experience in civil litigation in finding that attorneys, judges, and public officials are not held accountable, it is with a jaded eye that I must look upon the judicial criminal system.  We must get attorneys and judges held accountable!!"  Select in color or black and white.

We welcome any ideas for additional flyers.  Please email to Eileen@ForteForGovernor.com Thank you!