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September 22, 2003

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"Unaccountable politicians are protected by an unaccountable Judicial Industry.  Correct that, and all of our problems ranging from our budget, to the lack of jobs, to the corrupt influence of special interests, will disappear and each of our lives will be better..."

What I Would Do AS Your Governor

The Budget: I would lower the budget by stripping away the hidden legal costs out of every fact of our fiscal budget that fuels the "Good Old Boys" strangle hold on our citizens and businesses which I anticipate to be in the tens of millions.

Stop "Legalized Bribery": I would make the government accountable to the citizens not Special Interest lobbyists by establishing civic oversight groups funded by a raise of State Bar fees (estimated to be $4 Billion additional revenues) and based upon a percentage of attorneys income. Ask yourself what the Indian Gaming Tribes get in return from Bustamente for their $2 million dollars in campaign contributions.

Get Businesses Going Again: Stimulate the growth of small businesses by lowering the cost of Worker Compensation Insurance by stripping away the money sucked out of the system by unethical attorneys, and insurance premium fraud by the insurance companies themselves.

Lower PG & E Rates:  I would not only void $42 Billion in over priced energy contracts but also demand a rebate of all money that was ripped off from us citizens by the culpable parties.

Jobs: Create more jobs and provide vocational training/educational assistance to those that are now unemployed by recruiting businesses back to California with the understanding that the companies must help stimulate our commercial growth and help with the costs of such programs.

Less Government Expense: Freeze the hiring of any new government employees except those related directly to emergency services and start to downsize government which at this time has layers of civil servants that are only used to thwart off grievances against public officials by citizens.

Immigration Issues: Migrant workers would be required to purchase a seasonal work permit from which the funds generated would be used to pay for their needed health and educational services. There would be severe financial and criminal penalties for both employers and employees that hired illegal workers without work permits.

Education & Senior Citizens:  Reallocate the anticipated 10ís of millions of dollars of hidden legal costs in our budget to improving not only our educational system but also providing more assistance to our senior citizens.

No New Taxes:  I would not add any new taxes but I would seek to cut personal and property taxes to the bare bone that generate revenues for the salaries of many unneeded civil servants doing absolutely nothing waiting for a retirement.

Environmental:  Induce business to be environmentally conscious by rewarding them with special tax credits when they have a proven record of complying with a well thought out environmental program, but at the same time punish severely companies that pollute our state.

Recruit Private Sector Contractors:  I would recruit private sector business contractors to come in and help fine tune our budget in and compensate them based upon a percentage of the money they save us.

No Alignment with Political Parties or Special Interests:  I would not align myself with any special interests or political parties and promise that the will of the people would be enacted and not overturned at the whims of political favors.

Return the Government and Judiciary Back to The People:  I would promote a private resolutions system where grievances with public officials can be addressed immediately with out the complexity, or cost of attorneys that feed a judicial industry that pillages our state and the spirit of citizens and businesses alike.

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